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For Nature Lovers Only: How To Create A Work-At-Home Office Inspired By The Great Outdoors

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If you love nature and the great outdoors, fleeing the office cubicle to work from home was probably a good choice for your personality. Not only does working from home eliminate long commutes and office politics, but it gives you the freedom to create a home office that fits your nature-loving style. Designing a nature-inspired office is easy when you allow the earth and environment to be your guide.

Select nature's palette for the office

When selecting paint for the walls and trim, think about the natural colors of the environment. Think soft and subtle rather than harsh and glaring. Earthy colors are perfect for creating a sense of calmness and balance in a home office.

Soft shades of blue will evoke images of sky and water. Taupe, beige, and brown can represent sand and soil. Subtle hues of green will bring to mind images of moss, grass, and trees. Grays and whites can represent stones or clouds. Yellow and orange hues simulate sun, stars, and the moon.

Choose natural furnishings

Look for wooden furnishings to keep with the theme of nature. The natural look of wood will add warmth and harmony to the room.

Choose desks, bookcases, and accent tables constructed of oak, cherry, or birch woods. A natural woven material such as bamboo is another good option for an earthy-inspired office chair or desk.

Add a tabletop water fountain to your office

What could be more nature-inspired than the sound of rain falling over the landscape or a babbling mountainside brook? Tabletop water fountains are the perfect way to recreate the most serene sounds of nature indoors.

Placed on your desk or on an accent table in your home office, tabletop fountains are both lovely and practical. They add natural beauty and the sounds of nature to your office, and they also add necessary moisture to the room air.

Tabletop water fountains for sale can be purchased in numerous styles and designs to suit your needs. Fountains made of natural stone are another good option for bringing the natural elements of the earth into your office.

Finish it with nature's accents

Once you have your nature-inspired office painted and furnished, you will be ready to complete the earthy look by adding some natural accent items. Select a few houseplants to act as natural air purifiers in your home office. Choose a large plant for the floor, one for a hanging basket, and a few small plants for the desk and windowsill to provide a pleasing balance in the room.

Use natural woven baskets for storing essential office items and to keep extra supplies neat and organized. Beeswax candles can be used to add some natural ambiance to the room and to scent the air in a refreshing and natural way.

Creating an office inspired by the great outdoors can make your work day more enjoyable. You can work surrounded by all of the things you love about nature. You may even find it helps you to be more creative and productive in your work activities.