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Games To Play With Your Children In A Play Kitchen

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If you have children, you might have purchased them a wooden play kitchen. Such a kitchen is awesome because it allows your kids to act out doing adult activities and really use their imaginations about the fantastic meals they are creating. However, you might not know how to fully engage with your kids while they are playing in the play kitchen. Here's an idea for some games that you can play with your kids that incorporate the kitchen so that you can briefly be part of their world.

1. Restaurant and Demanding Customer

The first game that you can play is that of being in a restaurant. Sit in another room or in the same room but on the opposite side from the play kitchen. Ask your child to come up and take your order. Give your child a pad of paper so that he or she can draw the food that you are ordering. Then, he or she can slap together the meal using any play food that he or she might have. For the first few times that you have your order filled, pretend that you are very happy with the food and order something else.

If your child is having fun but starting to get a little bored, change it up a little bit. After your first few orders, take one look at the order that they have made you and send it back to the kitchen and demand something else or say that there is something wrong with it. This will probably leave your child giggling. Start being a difficult customer by demanding napkins or stuff to color with and increasingly difficult orders. Start getting silly. You and your child will wind up laughing together.

2. House

Another game that you could play with your child is house. Your child can be the mommy or the daddy, depending on what he or she prefers, and you can be the kid. Have your child "serve you your lunch" or "pack you a lunch." If your child is a picky eater, try to use the phrases that he or she often uses to turn down food. For example, if your child is constantly saying "ew" or "yuck" about vegetables, say those exact words. Your child will recognize them and likely start laughing along with you.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in wooden play kitchens. They might have built-in games that they recommend.