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4 Health Benefits Of A Straight Razor Shave

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Did you know that straight razors promote healthier skin? In addition to being an effective way to get a close, smooth shave, straight razors are generally healthier and safer than conventional razors. Here are a few of the healthy skin benefits.

1. Straight Razors Are Less Likely to Abrade Your Skin

Straight razors are much sharper than conventional razors, so they pull and tear at your skin less. The skin on your face is more delicate than the skin in any other place, and it is very easy to damage it -- even if you don't realize you're damaging it. Micro-abrasions can occur that are not visible to the human eye but are still damaging to your skin. This premature wear will age your skin and can cause other issues too, such as unsightly bumps and rashes.

2. Straight Razors Exfoliate Dead Skin

Straight razors are sharp enough that moving them over your skin will effectively remove the dead skin cells from your face. Exfoliating dead skin is healthy, as dead skin traps oils and dirt. Exfoliating also has the side effect of making you look younger and healthier, as your newer and more supple skin is exposed. 

3. Straight Razors Do Not Clog Pores 

Shaving with a conventional razor often leaves behind poorly cut hair. These hair shafts, as small as they may be, will collect dirt and oil, which eventually clogs your pores. Straight razors offer a clean enough shave that there are fewer areas in which oil and dirt can build. While clogged pores certainly aren't life-threatening, they can eventually lead to skin blemishes and enlarged, overly prominent pores.

4. Straight Razors Don't Collect Debris

Even well-cleaned bladed razors may collect dead skin, oils, soaps and other particles inside of their blades. The more blades that the razor has, the worse this will be. A straight razor will not collect anything "inside" of it because there is no inside; the blade can simply be cleaned off effectively after each shave. The debris that is collected within razors that have multiple blades may contain bacteria which can be harmful to skin.

Straight razors can take some getting used to, but many people find that they are extremely satisfied with their shaves after learning straight razor technique. Today, straight razors are so popular that they can be found in many regular stores. There are even some kits that can give a beginner a fast start.