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Questions You Should Ask Yourself When Planning For The Zombie Apocalypse

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Take a poll on the street about how many people believe in the possibility that a zombie apocalypse could happen and you will get a good divided response from most of the parties asked. Some people say the idea is absurd, while others believe that this type of downfall to humankind is just as real of a possibility as anything else. If you are part of the latter, think carefully about your visualization of what the atmosphere will be like. This is what will help you come up with a plan of action, with the right tools, that will keep you safe from whatever a real zombie disaster looks like. There are some basic questions you need to ask yourself.

Are you prepared to travel if necessary?

When the zombies start to fill the streets and invade you area, there is a good chance you will want to hit the road to head for safer locations. It is best that you prepare for travel by keeping a bag of gear ready to go at any given moment. Your bag should contain:

  • Paper maps of the United States
  • Enough food to last you several days
  • Carbon firestarter
  • Weapons of your choice for protection
  • Flares
  • Water purification tablets
  • Emergency blankets
  • At least ten feet of coiled rope or twine

Do you have enough food and water rations if you get stuck in your home for several weeks?

If the zombies infiltrate your area without warning, leaving your home may not be an option. In addition to buying extra plywood and metal sheeting to secure windows and doors, you should make sure you have enough food and water to last you for several weeks. Remember, the average person uses one gallon of water a day for drinking and cleansing. Furthermore, you should take into account electricity may not be available for cooking. Dry grocery items, such as canned goods and freeze dried or dehydrated foods, should stock your emergency pantry.

Do you think paper money will still be used as currency?

One of the biggest questions about an impending apocalypse is if the value of paper money will see its end. Many people believe that the value will be reverted back to precious metals as it once was. If you believe this theory, it is time to start looking at what is valuable a bit differently. Start gathering and collecting scrap gold pieces, either from broken jewelry or gold coins. Many gold buyers, such as Maine Pawn Shop, will take your scrap gold and smelt it down into small pieces that very well could be used as currency for a small fee. Invest in a fire-proof safe for keeping and even buy scrap gold from your friends if you have to. 

Whether you believe that a zombie apocalypse is truly pending or not, there is no doubt that being prepared for any type of emergency is a good thing. This list of questions could help you be prepared for an attack of terror by the undead.