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Help Your Loved One Unwind With A Personalized Basket Filled With Spa Products And Relaxation Aids

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Create a gift basket that is filled with products that will make your loved one feel as if they have stepped out of their environment and walked into a relaxing spa. After a hard day at work, your significant other can unwind and indulge in the selections that you have chosen for them. The following steps for spa gift basket ideas will assist you with setting up a basket that will be cherished and greatly appreciated.

Personalized Basket

Purchase a large basket that is designed out of a durable material so that it can be used to add beauty to a room or to hold other items after your loved one has used all the gifts that you have given them. Personalize the basket by adding a photo keychain around its handle that has a picture of you and your significant other displayed inside of it. Add ribbons or decals to the basket's exterior that complement its color.

Relaxation Aids

A waterproof audio player will give your loved one the chance to listen to soothing sounds or soft music as they are relaxing. Record some of their favorite songs and add some recordings of sounds that are heard outdoors, such as rain falling, ocean waves crashing, or birds chirping. A couple of books or magazines that your loved one has been looking forward to reading will get their mind off of their hectic routine and will allow them to unwind. A selection of scented candles can be set up around the bathtub to help create a tranquil atmosphere.

Spa Products

Fill the basket with a variety of products that are often found in a real spa. Exfoliating cream, a face mask, and bath oil will pamper your loved one's skin and make them feel rejuvenated. Include a scrub brush or sponge so that each item can be applied with ease. Add a comfortable robe for your loved one to wrap around them after they have soaked in a tub of hot water. When your loved one chooses to use some of the products that you have given them, offer to help them apply the products to their skin so that they are able to experience relaxation to the fullest.

Purchase a gift certificate to a well-known spa so that your significant other can test out additional products and procedures in the future. They can also use the gift certificate to purchase more of their favorite spa products to use at home.