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No Smoking Zones And Electronic Cigarettes: Can You Vape In These Areas?

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Many municipalities have now adopted a "no smoking in public businesses" policy, forbidding smokers to smoke indoors. This often includes bars and taverns, which tends to make some bar owners as well as smokers a little irate because bars are often filled with customers who smoke and drink. Since these no smoking bans have been enacted, many smokers have switched to vaping and electronic cigarettes instead. If you plan to switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes, you should know a little more about these no smoking bans and what it means for "e-smokers."

Is Vaping, or "E-Smoking" Allowed?

Since the towns and cities that enacted the no smoking bans were attempting to restrict the amount of second-hand smoke inhaled by others, there were no laws (to begin with) that banned the use of e-cigs. You could vape as much as you liked, since it technically was not considered smoking, nor did it contain much of the toxic chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. However, some non-smokers still did not want the vaping smoke around them, and some of these same cities and municipalities have authorized a ban on e-cig vaping as well. If you want to know if vaping is also forbidden in your area, you can ask your local bar keeps, police force and/or city ordinance personnel.

Why You Can Still Vape in Some Areas

Cities that will allow indoor vaping but not indoor smoking chose to do so because they researched e-cigs and e-cig juice for potential health risks to others. Since the health risks of second hand tobacco smoke are not present with e-cigs, these cities opted to allow patrons, visitors, consumers and employees to vape indoors. Most businesses will still attempt to get vapers to take their e-cigs outside, just as a courtesy, but if vaping is allowed indoors, you can legally partake of your favorite e-cig juice and e-cigs.

Vape-Friendly Places

If you walk into a bar, restaurant, or store and they sell e-cig juice, such as from Vapoligy, or offer you seats in a "vaping only" section, it is highly likely that they allow e-cig consumers to vape. This will also alert you to the fact that you are in a no smoking zone but that vaping has not been banned yet. This is especially useful information if you travel and do not know what to expect when you reach your destination. Some proprietors may even post signs alerting you to the acceptance of vaping and/or smoking in their establishments, so if you have not quit smoking altogether, you may have an option depending on where you go.