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Transform An Infant Onesie Into A Clever Costume

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Save money with some clever ideas to create clever costumes for your youngest family members. A simple white cotton onesie is something that every baby typically has, and that is the foundation for a number of inventive, comfortable costumes. Whether you are headed to a party or celebrating a milestone, these cute costume ideas are easy enough for anyone to construct.

Turn a simple onesie into these clever costumes:

A baby bottle. Create the cutest costume with your onesie by laying it flat and use a red marker to make lines and numbers, like you would see on the side of a baby's bottle. The onesie gives the appearance that it is full of milk. Finish the baby bottle outfit with a cute beanie that replicates the look of a rubber nipple.

A bowl of pasta. This costume uses the onesie, a new mop-head, and a large plastic bowl. Cut a hole in the bottom of the bowl that is big enough to slide up around baby's waist; break down the mop-head into two clumps of white strands to hot glue or pin to the front of baby's onesie and on top of a plain beanie to mimic the look of a bowl of spaghetti!

A little Dalmatian. Infants make the cutest little puppies when you tape or glue black spots to the white onesie. Finish the look with a pair of puppy ears, attached to a headband or beanie, and use a non-toxic makeup pencil to draw whiskers and a nose carefully on your child's face.

An 80s icon. Add a pair of brightly colored tights or leggings and a headband for the iconic 80s look of a workout diva. You might even use a pair of baby leg-warmers for even more color and retro fashion!

A sweet angel. Use a pair of tulle wings, found in most costume stores, to make your child into a sweet little angel. Attach a halo to a headband or a white cotton beanie to finish this angelic costume.

A sunny-side up egg. Often times the cutest costumes are the easiest to create; simply cut a circle out of yellow paper or fabric and secure to the front of the onesie, around the torso area. This is meant to look like a sunny-side up egg, and is a comfy way to dress up your infant.

Get the whole family in on some costume fun with these ideas for infants. Create clever and inventive costumes using a simple onesie, and a little imagination. Try these ensembles for the next family photo session, too! For more information or ideas, visit stores like Easley's Fun Shop.