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Looking For A Bargain On Fine Jewelry? Go To A Pawn Shop

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Buying fine jewelry can be a fulfilling experience when you find a bargain for an expensive looking gemstone set in precious metal. While you can shop for pieces at a jewelry store and try to catch sales, a more economical solution could be a well-stocked and reputable pawn shop.

Why Buy Jewelry at a Pawn Shop

Quality jewelry made out precious metals and gems are highly sought after items. Many jewelry retailers mark up prices in order to increase their profits. Gold can be marked up by as much as 400 percent by some retailers.

In order to avoid this markup, shop for fine jewelry at pawn shops. You can find vintage and unique pieces in pawn shops that will stand out and enhance your attire.

Pawn shops must follow strict state regulations and be licensed so you do not have to worry about purchasing merchandise with a shady history.

Look for a Pawn Shop That Specializes in Jewelry

Large, general merchandise pawns shops sell anything from bikes to musical instruments. If you want to peruse a wide selection of quality gems and precious metals, look for pawns shop that specialize in selling fine jewelry. The salespeople in the specialty pawn shop will be more knowledgeable about jewelry than those in general pawn shops that seem to sell everything under the sun.

Be Prepared and Bring a Loupe

If you have never purchased fine jewelry before or want to make sure you get your money's worth, do not shop for items without bringing a loupe.

A loupe is the small magnifier jewelers use to examine the small details of jewelry. Using a loupe will enable you to examine the jewelry closely and look for signs of imperfections. You can purchase inexpensive loupes from online retailers and well-stocked home tool stores.

You can learn how to use loupes via free tutorials online. Make sure you purchase a loupe with a black frame. The black will help to eliminate any reflections when you are viewing the jewelry.

Ask About the Return Policy

Reputable pawn shops will have a return policy for fine jewelry. This is helpful if you need to return the jewelry for any reason. If you are purchasing the item for someone else, you might find out that they did not like it or the jewelry was the wrong size. Look for shops that provide a no-questions-asked return policy of at least 30 days.

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