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3 Modern Treasure Hunting Adventures That Can Put Money In The Bank

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If you have ever daydreamed on going on a treasure hunt and striking it rich, today, there are several things that you can do to find a small treasure. You may not always strike it rich, but some of these adventures can be a lot of fun with the family and there is a chance that you can find something to put money in the bank, such as raw gold, rare stones, or coins and other valuables. Here are a few modern treasure hunting adventures that you can do and see if you strike it rich:

1. Modern Rock Hounding To Find Rare Minerals And Stones To Sell

If you have always liked the idea of shining diamonds and other gems, rock hounding can be a fun hobby that you can do in many areas of the country. There are even some areas where sifting through piles of dirt can reveal gems like emeralds and diamonds. Though diamonds and emeralds are rare and valuable, they are not the most valuable. Some of the rare mineral crystals that you may find rock hounding can be worth a pretty penny, which is part of the fun of this hobby.

2. Striking It Rich Looking For Gold In Areas That Where Once Abandoned

The gold rushes of the past eventually died off and many old claims were abandoned. Today, the cost of mining for gold can be rewarding because of the amount an ounce of gold can be worth. You may even want to try your hand at panning for gold at some of these old abandoned gold claims. When panning for gold, sometimes it can be found in other minerals, which can make what you find even more rare and valuable.

3. Getting A Metal Detector And Hunting For Coins And Other Valuables In The Ground

There may even be some treasure around your home that you can find with the help of a metal detector. You may want to use the metal detector to look for old coins that can contain high amounts of silver, or even gold coins. If you visit a beach on the coast, the metal detector can be good to look for lost gold coins, as well as jewelry that people have lost on their trips to the beach.

These are some modern treasure hunting adventures that you may want to do to see if you can put money in the bank or at least have a little fun. If you have found gold or precious stones on your adventure, contact a gold buying service, such as Palace Jewelry & Loan, to find out what your treasure is worth.