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Bring A Bit Of The Hawaiian Islands Home After Your Trip

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If you are lucky enough to be headed to Hawaii, be sure to leave some room in your suitcase for some native souvenirs! There are many products, foods, and items that you will want to bring back from your trip, and that you will be glad that you saved space for. Visit area markets, vendors, and specialty shops to find the following Hawaiian treasures during your trip:

Kona coffee. The coffee in Hawaii is rich and full-flavored; take home some Kona coffee beans to recreate the experience every morning at home. Hawaii offers a wide selection of coffees, and these products are found throughout the region, including in specialty stores in Honolulu.

Hawaiian sea salt. Hawaiian sea salt is harvested from the crystal-blue waters surrounding the islands, and many producers infuse their salt with flavors such as chili peppers or garlic. Red sea salt is traditionally used in spiritual ceremonies and cleansing, so be sure to pick some up when you see it in local shops.

Hand-dyed textiles. Hawaiian apparel is bright and bold, and you may be surprised to learn that many vendors offer hand-dyed fabrics, textiles, and material for their buyers. Buy hand-dyed sarongs, scarves, and wraps to take home and wear, or to use around your interiors for a decorative accent. These items are versatile and make an excellent souvenir for someone back home.

Some music. The sounds of the islands really sets the mood for any time spent in Hawaii. The high-falsetto melodies and ukulele music are enchanting, so plan to bring home a CD or DVD during your stay. Look for "Jawaiian" music which is a unique blend of local Hawaiian music and Jamaican reggae sounds.

Macadamia nuts. Macadamia nuts are found all over Hawaii, and you should definitely take some home when leaving the islands. From salted and savory to sweet and dipped in chocolate, the Macadamias in Hawaii are local and delicious.

A Ukulele. If you want to bring someone home a gift that is totally Hawaiian, bring them back a ukulele. The sound of strumming is light and angelic; plus, these make a great display when you hang them on a wall in your home. Many of these instruments are made by local craftsmen, so buy from small businesses and vendors whenever you get the chance.

Hawaii is a beautiful island that is rich with cultural history; be sure to bring a bit of that back with you after your vacation. For more information, contact Marue & Gertz Ltd or a similar company.