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3 Ways To Throw A Children's Superhero Themed Party

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Your child's birthday party is a chance to not only celebrate, but a chance to make a lasting impression on all the other children. If your child is obsessed with superheroes, throwing a superhero themed party is a great way to incorporate his or her love for the heroes. Here are some ways you can make your child's party as fun as he or she envisioned it.  

Use Superhero Invitations

Although it might be tempting to pick up invitations at your local party store, you need to go above and beyond with your child's invites. Since you are throwing a superhero themed party, you need superhero invitations.  

You can design the invitations yourself or shop online or locally for the right invitations. If you opt for the custom invites, you can use a picture of your child dressed as his or her favorite superhero as the background.  

Amp Up the Party Favors

Party favors, such as candy rings and small toys, are nice party favors, but this is a superhero party you are throwing. You want to make sure the party favors go above and beyond the normal.  

For instance, you can order custom superhero capes for the children to wear. The capes can be customized by you and your child. You can select everything from the colors to the design. Capes can be bought in bulk to help save on the expense.  

You and your child could even create short comics for each child that will be attending the party. The comics only need to be a few panels. Your child gets a chance to express his or her creativity while letting each friend know how much his or her attendance at the party meant to your child. 

Set up a Training Station

One of the most important parts of being a superhero is honing your skills. A good way to entertain the kids and ensure they are having fun is to set up a superhero training station. The station can feature a variety of activities that will help the kids be better superheroes.  

For instance, you could set up an obstacle course for the kids. Each section of the course can focus on strengthening certain skills, such as running, jumping, and wall crawling. At the end of the course, you can offer superhero rewards for completing it.  

Continue to brainstorm with your child to find different ways to make the superhero party more special.